inspired finishes

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
--William Morris (1834-1896), English craftsman and designer

Periwinkle Skies encourages clients to embrace a sustainable environment:
● Clear away clutter
● Strive for simplicity and moderation
● Let in the sun
● Repurpose furniture whenever possible
● Provide quiet places for reflection

Our purpose is to provide our clients with decorative finishes and artistry using environmentally-friendly, durable, Venetian plasters, paints and glazes. We offer natural and non-toxic alternatives to the petro-chemicals and toxins emitted by commercially manufactured products while simultaneously putting forward old world techniques that have proven sustainable over many centuries.

A portion of the proceeds from Periwinkle Skies goes to Doctors Without Borders,
World Peace & Reconciliation and Smile Train.

Periwinkle Skies

We work with our clients wholeheartedly to reach their goals by developing creative solutions and installing with consistent quality. Periwinkle Skies works seamlessly with designers, architects and LEED green general contractors in Northern and Central New Jersey.

Periwinkle Skies, LLC painting on kitchen cabinets.